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Linux - Zorin OS - Themes

Zorin OS is the operating system I currently use, alongside windows 7.

Below are some themes I made for it. they should also be compatible with any linux distribution that uses AWN.


Vise (Pronounced "Vies") is my first theme category. Below are the themes within this category. Vise themes were inspired by the windows vista taskbar. The name "Vise" comes from the word "Vista" Notice the similarity?


Tempest was my second textured theme. This comes first as it is my favorite and my main theme. I thought gradient was good, but then I decided to make something nicer. So, I made this.



Gloom was the first theme I made. I had originally called it vista, but then I decided to make a whole bunch of themes like this. The name "Vise" comes from the word "Vista"



I created serpent as a base for stereotypical males, if no other themes suit your fancies.



Basically, for my sister, although, she will never use it xD



I created heaven as a base for stereotypical females, if no other themes suit your fancies.



Flame is a dark/red theme. I have no idea why I called it flame to be honest.



You can make your own vise theme with two different methods:

The quick method

The quick method is quick after learning it. You can make a vise theme easily by following these steps:

Download Vise-Gloom

Apply the theme

Set "First highlight colour" to your choice of colour, and set opacity to 175

Set "Second highlight colour" to your second colour choice, again setting the opacity to 175.

Tada you're done!


The request method

You can ask me to make you a vise theme, just give me two colours to work with

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Vise series ][

This time around, I'm too lasy to do images. the themes are pretty much one colour anyway.

Copper - Orange-ish theme - DOWNLOAD

Diamond - Cyan theme - DOWNLOAD

Emerald - Green theme - DOWNLOAD

Gold - Yellow theme - DOWNLOAD

Iron - Silver theme - DOWNLOAD

Obsidian - Very dark purple theme - DOWNLOAD

Ruby - Red theme - DOWNLOAD

Sapphire - Blue theme - DOWNLOAD

Happy wheels

Happy Wheels Controls
Happy Wheels T-Shirt
Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render
Place this render call where appropriate